Harmony Bazaar
Harmony Bazaar
Handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado

established in 2017


Nina Breuer’s Artistic journey began in the 90’s when she started designing clothes and jewelry for family and friends in Pakistan. Having traveled and lived in many different parts of the world, she loved collecting jewelry and fabrics which she used to make one of a kind items for herself.

After settling down in Colorado, it would be 16 years before she would create again. After years not being able to wear jewelry due to allergies, she looked for materials that were Hypo-Allergenic and created her first handcrafted piece “3 Hearts” in July 2017. After making gifts for family and friends, she kept making different pieces and learning different techniques such as Hand-Stamping, Hammering, Wire-wrapping, etc. In the Fall of 2017 she started Harmony Bazaar, a Jewelry Design Studio in her home and on-line store.

Her most popular items 3 Hearts, Moon & Stars, & Daisy Chain are from her Nina B. Designs collection. The artisan jewelry collection features metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Bronze and Natural Semi-precious Gemstones, that are one of a kind designs.

For more information please visit her at www.Facebook.com/theHarmonyBazaar